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Welcome to smarTIFA the ‘smart’ advisor portal

smarTIFA is a one-stop solution for all your business needs! It is a digital and convenient platform offering ease of transactions, real time transaction status tracking and complete investor information at your fingertips. Get timely reports, useful analytics and monitor the transactions through a user-friendly dashboard.

With smarTIFA, focus only on your clients & take client servicing to the next level!

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Simple online transacting with smarTIFA

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    Initiate transactions by selecting a scheme of your choice which addresses the client’s preferences.

  • 2


    The client gets notified with a link containing the details of the transaction initiated by you.

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    The client reviews the transaction and confirms or declines it.

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    An intimation is sent to both you and the client once the transaction is complete.

Instant Setup

Setup your smarTIFA account instantly. Experience a seamless and online setup without the hassle of downloads or applications. In smarTIFA information and analytics are just a click away!

Quick & Easy Registration

smarTIFA requires only your ARN while registration.

Entire Client Info

On registration, find all your existing clients at one place.

Up To Date Transactions

smarTIFA brings all offline and online transactions to you on login.

Paperless Transactions At your Fingertips!

Now initiate transactions for your KYC verified clients.

smarTIFA is your digital partner making transactions paperless. Get rid of manually filling up forms and document submissions. With smarTIFA, remove the cut-off timings for processing transactions!

smarTIFA brings a wide basket of online transactions to your fingertips. Whether it is a lumpsum purchase, switch, redemption, systematic plan including SIP, STP, SWP and DTP or change of dividend option to payout or reinvestment, transact using smarTIFA for all!

Access Detailed Client Portfolio

smarTIFA gives you a snapshot of your client’s portfolio, realised and unrealised returns, dividends paid or reinvested.

Now track your clients’ active and past systematic transactions with advance expiry alerts of SIPs & STPs. Get notified with upcoming transactions and dividend announcements!

View Real Time Transaction Status!

At any point of time, view the status of each transaction. See the real time status of each online and offline transaction from the time they are intitiated till they have been procesed. Follow up with clients to ensure transactions are completed!

Latest Information On Schemes

Detailed scheme pages provide you with the latest information on schemes, performance comparison, returns and portfolio information needed by you to analyse and propose the scheme to the clients.

Real Time Business Reports

smarTIFA helps you with real time reports of your business achievements so you can find the areas that need to progress on and helps your business grow!

Trends In Portfolio Growth

View the complete details of your sales growth and contribution of each scheme type towards the analysis of AUM.

Investors Movement

Find out new clients added to your portfolio. View active clients, increment in clients and related analytics to service them better.

Investment Trends

smarTIFA contains detailed insights on client investment pattern, growth in AUM, reports and data analytics. This will aid in better client servicing and satisfaction!

Get Empanelled

Take the first step towards partnering with us through a convenient and simple empanelment process.

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Go digital with smarTIFA right from the time of registration.

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smarTIFA Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canara Robeco smarTIFA?

smarTIFA is a distributor portal from Canara Robeco which offers easy and paperless transactions with a host of analytics and reports. It enables you to provide excellent client servicing by way of online transacting, tracking real-time status and generating reports and updates. You can access without compromising on your mobility as it is available constant and being responsive to accessible via desktop all browsers, tablets and mobile devices.

What are the features of smarTIFA?

smarTIFA brings several features to reduce transaction times, internal cut-off times, transacting and tracking the status to your fingertips and increase your conversion rates. Some key features of smarTIFA are

  • Instant Setup - Completely paperless
  • Initiate the transactions for clients online
  • Onboard new clients immediately
  • Manage detailed client portfolio
  • Track real time transaction status
  • Insightful reports of your business performance

Who can gain access to smarTIFA?

  • IFAs empaneled with Canara Robeco Mutual Fund - smarTIFA is accessible to all IFAs who are already empaneled with us, can Sign-up on smarTIFA by entering their ARN.
  • IFAs Not Empaneled with Canara Robeco Mutual Fund - IFAs who are currently not empaneled with us, need to first complete empanelment process with us. After reviewing the same, empanelment confirmation status will send to them to sign up on smarTIFA.

What types of transactions that I can initiate on behalf of my investors?

smarTIFA enables you to initiate multiple types of transactions not only for your existing investors, but also for new investors as well. These include New Purchase, iSIP, STP, Switch, SWP, Redemption and DTP.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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